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[Exhibition] Changing Hues


Be sure to check out, “Changing Hues: Color Embraced by Metalsmiths
Around the World.”

Wow! I have really enjoyed viewing all the great pieces in the
exhibition! It’s fun and inspirational to check out the wide ranging
work. There are pieces that made me laugh to pieces that are so
complex that I’m not quite sure how they did it? Some beautifully
delicate and simple pieces that are quite lovely and memorable. I
also enjoyed seeing the different approaches to photographing the
varied works. It’s all great! Applause, Applause!



Being unable to visit galleries and other artists because of my
health I must say that this exhibit is a breath of fresh air for me.
To have access to so many talented people’s artwork one one exhibit
is to me unprecedented and so very valuable. Thank you Ganoksin.