[Exhibit] Calder exhibit in San Diego

I just wanted to tell you about an exhibit promotion several
Orchidians have participated in here in San Diego. In support of the
Calder jewelry exhibit that’s coming to the San Diego Museum of Art
end of this month, the San Diego Visual Arts Network is sponsoring
"Little and Large", jewelers making sculpture and sculptors making

This has been a huge promotion with 41 fine art and craft galleries
thruout SD county exhibiting the works of close to 100 artists. Each
artist has been challenged to create one piece of art jewelry and
one piece of sculpture… jeweler’s doing sculpture and sculptors
doing jewelry. These exhibits will run thru December of this year.

Aside from letting you know about this unique promotion for general
purposes, I also wanted to share the inspiration and enthusiasm this
promotion has engendered. Fine art galleries taking in art jewelry??
I wouldn’t have thought that possible… to blur those lines between
fine art and fine craft… but that’s part of what I’ve witnessed in
this promotion. And the stories about the jewelry selling are just
now starting to come in. It’s also been brilliantly challenging for
many of us to shift not only the scale of our work but also the

It’s a rare thing to see so much wonderful artistic challenge and
have so many lines blurred for the better…