Exchanging gold for chain

I had published a name that a poly member gave me for turning scrap
into chain: Michael @ Goldwerx. Seems the phone is disconnected. I
called no luck.

Last year I found two companies, other than Michael, who did some
sort of this thing. Well this time I called

Adrienne Designs
2220 Cape Cod Way
Santa Ana CA 92703
(800) 621-5632

Will take your scrap, give it to a refiner, charge 1.5% and hold the
funds for credit with them. They sell a pretty extensive line of
chain, pendants, bracelets, all kinds of gold jewelry.

They require a minimum of 350 grams (10 ounces), only charge 1.5%
and takes 7 working days to get the credit,. Then you can order off
of it. They want you to call first and get a "scrap routing number"
so they can expect they package. They were very nice. This kind of
stuff are “fast sellers”, You’ll make good money and turn your old
stash into CASH.

There’s another California company:

Hallock Coin & Jewelry and the also own Max Findings
2060 W. Lincoln Ave
Anaheim, Ca 92801
800) 854-3232

I spoke to Scott, anyone can help you. They will take your old gold
and make a few points and give you instant credit against your bill
or buying. He gave mean example. If you send in 10kt gold, which is
.42 fine, he’ll give you .39 credit against your account. They sell
coins, chain, coin frames, and some findings, the basics. He figures
he loses 2% of the scrap so he can do better for you than refiners,
just to get your business. It’s like a discount.

Another company that sells all sorts of findings is Hoover & Strong
and they will refine, keep the credit and you can order off of the
credit for virtually all of the findings you might need. Of course
you could always just refine and get the bucks, North American metals
does just refining but also sells stock=sheet, wire, etc. Michael
Elliott: (800) 773-1626.

All of this will help your cash flow, especially if you don’t have
to write checks every day to the Federal Express driver. And if it’s
new saleable merchandise, that’s great money.

So there you go, I have spoken on the phone to all of them.

David Geller