Ever have a ring you just couldnt do?

So, where ive been…
My mom, 2 months before mothers day came to me with a ring she got from Montgomery Ward. It turned out to be copper plated w silver and glass stones. It was a mothers ring. Now ive meant to get her one for years, so i got excited and said “im going to make you one”. Size 5 ring, 5 kids means placing 5 stones on a very small design.

I thought i was great at this by now, but the design she wanted, with the word “Mother”, w 5 stones on a tiny size 5 proved to take me under. I got almost there 3 times before id run into an issue. I ended up folding and going to Kay and getting her a ring w a lifetime warranty she loves. Have yoy guys ever had this happen? Where you jist couldnt get the design? I feel like i failed


well, you could examine the Kay ring, to see how they achieved the design…might provide good insight for future projects…?

sometime i will go at something a certain way, and my mind gets blocked from thinking other ways…from problem solving…

and it usually takes talking to a friend to un-clench my brain…

for example, i was making a hammer punch fir my Dremel engraver, out of brass rod…so, i filed down the tip to shape it, and tested it out…the brass was 1/4 hard…the edges started to upset/mushroom…

my friend called…we were talking…i was telling her that the brass was a bit too soft…and i was like “maybe i should forge the tip to shape…maybe that will harden it…”

if she hadn’t called, i probably wouldn’t have thought to forge the rod…i probably would have ordered different brass rod…waited for it to come…filed it again (repeating the same process, hoping for a different result…

i figured brass is often used for setting tools, so…

but, i think i will order some 1/8” tool steel rod as well…

ine can never have too much extra tool rods!

my dad and brother-in-law were very good at methodically observing, thinking, testing…




You did not fail here!

First without seeing the ring, there is a really good chance that the original ring was designed with CAD/CAM and 3/D printed. That can be still true even if the original ring wasn’t very expensive. Nothing wrong with that at all, but CAD/CAM can create objects that only the highest level of masters can make by hand. To replicate jewelry objects made by computer technology by hand can be super challenging and sometimes impossible.

For me, the thing that I have to pass on are class rings or signet rings with words. I’ve found that anything with words is extra tough to make by hand. Especially if the letters are raised.

Don’t be too hard on yourself! You problem solved effectively and got your mother the ring that she wanted with a lifetime warranty on top of it!



No you did not fail.
When younger jewelers ask me what I wished that I knew then that I know now I always say “When to say No”
When doing custom work it is important that you listen to their desires, but imperative that you as the designer take command of the situation. This is when I say, “Well as a professional this is what I think is best for you.” The customer is NOT always right. Even our mothers.
And when drawing a design for a client ALWAYS draw pieces life size. Larger sketches with lots of details when scaled down usually turn into just tiny little smears.


Yep, the word mother was a nightmare. I almost got it twice but ended up messing it up. Lol She loves what i bought, and when im better, ill make her something special by me.


Ive been in a rut lately. That failure really bugged me, but im back at my bench today ready to go again. Lol