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[Event] [TN] Enamelist society conference

Hi there. This will be my first time at this biennial Conference
held at Arrowmont (Gatlinburg, TN) this September.

Can anyone provide feedback? I am having a hard time choosing a
workshop for the pre-conference. Has anyone taken classes with Jan
Harrell, Chris Hentz or Sarah Perkins? I’d like to take all 3, but
they are all at the same time and I’m struggling. Each class is 3
days. Jan is teaching image transfer, Chris soldering for enamel,
Sarah Line in enamel. Complete descriptions can be found at :

This is a business trip and will probably be 2K so I need to make
sure that I can take away skills that I can incorporate and push my
enamel with. Much of my current work has enamel and found objects. I
have had some cloisonne training and need to spend some time
developing skills here. I plan to do this in the summer, although I
do not use this in my current work, it is part of the long term plan.

From the feedback I have gotten, Arrowmont is described as a magical
place. The conference came highly recommended and if you are curious -
the site is : click on
conference, then workshop.

Kay Cummins

Hi Kay,

This is a great event! I have gone before and enjoyed it quite a
lot. Arrowmont is a rather magical place. One block away is a crazy
tourist free for all, and then you are in the woods. I believe we
took a little drive and saw a bear on our last trip!

All three of the teachers you speak of have really valuable knowledge
to share. I think the real issue is what you want to learn? Jan’s
will likely be a bit more technical, Sarah is a really good teacher
and you will learn a ton, the soldering is handy if that is an area
you need help in. You will avoid a lot of mistakes by taking his

I would like to say that they may fill quickly so whatever you do,
do it quickly!


i have only taken a class with jan, but it was fabulous. subject
matter was different though, but still involved enameling and