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[Event] Refinery Tour

Have you ever wondered how your scrap material is processed?

Wonder No More!

United Precious Metals is working with the Bench Jewelers Conference
& Expo to offer a tour of their refinery. On Saturday April 28th
during the Suppliers Expo you will have the opportunity to see first
hand how your scraps are processed and how your precious metal stock
and solders are manufactured. This tour is free of charge to the
Bench Conference attendees. Don’t miss this unique experience -
Register for the Conference & Expo TODAY!

Bench Jewelers Conference & Expo
April 26 - 29, 2007
Buffalo, NY

Brad Simon

The refinery tour sounds like a great addition to the Bench
Conference. I went to the conference last year and it was the best
show I’ve ever been to. I’ve been a jeweler for over 30 years, yet I
learned a lot there. If you don’t come away with a bunch of new
ideas then you were not paying attention. The seminars and the tool
and equipment show was great, but the best part was being able to met
so many other jewelers and spending time with people who share the
same passions as I do.

Can’t wait for this year’s conference See you in Buffalo!