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[Event] [NY] MJSA's conFab

Hello everyone,

If you haven’t heard yet, MJSA is sponsoring a new event, the “MJSA
conFab,” to help jewelry makers and designers make a better living
doing what they love (i.e., make great jewelry). It will run for a
full day on Oct. 14 at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and will
feature such old friends as Andrea Hill, Eugene Brill of Rio Grande,
Cindy Edelstein, Arthur Skuratowicz, Gary Dawson, and Lee Krombholz,
as well as new friends such as Bree Richey and Malak Atut.
“ConFabbers” will learn how to get to the heart of how to make a
business successful, while at the same time having fun. (At what
other event will you learn the ins and outs of pricing by watching a
game show called, appropriately enough, “The Price Is Right”?) There
are even a bunch of “online extras”-articles, resources, even a few
forthcoming apps-that conFabbers can view for free.

If you want to learn more, go to

where you’ll also find our list of “Top 10 Reasons Why You Should
conFab,” beginning with #10:

“To hear the laugh of Andrea Hill, rumored to have once made a
Buckingham Palace guard grin, interspersed between insights into
strategic planning, marketing, branding, and just plain how to run
an amazing business.”

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to hear Andrea Hill laugh?