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European workshops

Hi all,

Does anyone have some on good jewelry workshop in

Linda Savineau

Hi Linda,

Does anyone have some on good jewelry workshop in

Check on the Jewellery program in Birmingham, England. It is part of
the University of Central England, here’s a link:

It is an amazing facility, with very good teachers. They have degree
programs and workshops as well. A few years ago, I taught a workshop
on the hydraulic press there, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Usually, a jewelry program is in the basement of the art building at
a university. This program is in its own beautiful 6 story glass
building with an atrium----about a dozen jewelry studios. The
silversmithing was in the basement, and so were 4 Bonny Doon
hydraulic presses—so that’s where I was. Fabulous place. Check it

Cynthia Eid

Hi Linda:

Here you go. This man, Giovanni Corvaja, offers workshops on many
different topics. Make sure you click all the links to see beautiful
pictures of where you would be learning. For the life of me, I could
not find his exact location on his website. He’s Italian, so, chances
are, it’s in Italy…and it looks like Italy. :slight_smile:

Good luck…if you end up going for a course in Europe, you might
post your experiences here on Orchid? That way, I can live
vicariously through others until I can go to Europe myself.

Good Luck and have a great time!

Check out the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design - they offer
short courses as well as longer ones!

:slight_smile: Kimmyg

Hi Linda,

Does anyone have some on good jewelry workshop in

Hi there- I had the pleasure of living and studying in Florence
Italy in the late 90’s- Here are a few of my suggestions-

Have you looked at Alchimia? it is a small
contemporary metalsmithing school in Florence Italy. I have attended
a couple of workshops there years ago- (Munich metalsmith Andrea
Frahm and Paduan goldsmith Giampaolo Babbetto) It is one of the only
schools in Florence that has more emphasis on fresh thinking and
design.( they often have workshops with cutting edge European

If you are looking for more traditional techniques you should look
at these schools: Le Arte Orafe, Metallo Nobile or Perseo all are
also located in Florence.

A good balance between traditional Italian goldsmithing technique
based school and more metalsmithing school would be Fuji studio. I
attended classes there and enjoyed the proccess of going through a
list of 20 techniques that build on your metalsmithing muscles. They
also have a wonderful (and funny) Florentine instructor who teaches
night courses in hand engraving and bead setting.

I’m not sure of the web addresses for these schools so you may have
to do a tiny bit of searching…

I hope this helps you - Have fun on your quest for creative
learning! (and keep us posted on your adventures!)

Ciao- Maureen BZ (A Tucsonan who has noticed a definite increase in
traffic this week in the Old Pueblo…Gem show anyone??)

Hi Linda

Does anyone have some on good jewelry workshop in

I don’t know if you are looking for soething special, but I teach a
wide variety of techniques. See them heRe:

I am in Denmark on the beautiful island of Bornholm. In June this
year we have the well known Orchidian Valentin Yotkov teach a
workshop on chasing and repousse.

Niels Lovschal
Contemporary and Viking Age Jewellery
Classes in Jewellery Techniques
Bornholm, Denmark


Visit our daughter who was in Florence for the summer about 8 yrs.
ago. Her printmaking instructor there pointed me in the direction of
Fuji Studio, an American run jewelry and textile studio. It was a
great, full-fledged not-so-little studio. Only met the woman who
owns/runs the jewelry studio location, coincidentally a graduate from
the jewelry department at Cal Sate Univ. Los Angeles (was formerly a
substantial program, not sure about now)! She and her husband own/run
the whole studio/program.

What seemed to be the case: many artists that want to spend a length
of time in Florence, sign up for classes there, i.e. mother/daughter
twosome from Texas both in classes there, student from Japan, student
from China, etc. The class list was pretty extensive. Seems to be
somewhat of an open studio for the students and fairly challenging.

My daughter found it fairly easy to rent a flat by going through a
real estate agent there (can’t tell you any more than that); and they
were available pretty close to the studio. I walked easily from her

Check out

There 'ya go.
Kay Taylor