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European Ring Sizer

Hi all, I want to make a ring for a friend in Brasil, who has an
’18’ size finger. Since she is female, I can only imagine there is
a different standard in Europe.

Does anyone have a comparison chart (US vs. The Other Guys) or know
where I can get a European ring mandrel with sizes?

Love and God Bless


That’s got to be the “metric” size of the ring, it’s 18mm in
diameter, or a size 8, I’m pretty sure. I couldn’t find a chart
online, but when I looked at the chart in my Hoover & Strong catalog
that gave conversion for ring blank lengths, the figure “18” fairly
leapt off the page when I looked at the mid-range ring sizes.

I put up with “standard” ring sizes because I have to, but I prefer
to work to actual measurements, metric or decimal inches. If you’re
in doubt, have her wrap a strip of paper of an appropriate width
around her finger to model the size and shape of the ring, then cut
through it to make it the desired length. If you measure that and
make your inner circumference match, it should work. (Hers would
probably be about 57mm long.)


Randy - There is a comparative ring size chart on my web site.
Follow the link below. Steve.

Steven Brixner Design - San Diego CA USA

Here ya go Randy, just what ya need:

Terri Collier
Dallas, TX

Sorry for the late response, but I have been off the list for a few
days. Loren S. Damewood wrote Randy,

     That's got to be the "metric" size of the ring, it's 18mm in
diameter, or a size 8, I'm pretty sure.  I 

May I put in my 2 cents here. The number 18 ring is most surely a
French measurement, and if so it correspondts to a European No. 58
(take the French No. and add 40). And a European No. 58 means that
the innner circumference simply is 58 mm. In this case your 18 mm
diameter is close to the right measure, but this definitely changes
if you speek of other sizes, a ring with French No. 14 for an
example has an inner diameter of 17,1818mm.

Kind regards
Niels L=F8vschal, Rutsker, Denmark
phone (+45) 56 94 90 60