European Museums etc

Hi Barbara

I have a few suggestions.�Thought I would post it on Orchid though
so that it might be of benefit to others too.

First there is an unbelievable jewellery museum in Pforzheim,
Germany which is an absolute must.�You will see ancient
jewellery�right up to 20th century�and probably 21st now as well!�If
you go there, there are many other attractions, suppliers etc, being
THE city for jewellery.

The Netherlands has a number of must see galleries for contemporary
jewellery.�In Amsterdam there�are ‘Galerie Ra’ -
and ‘Galerie Louise Smit’�and in Nijmegen ‘Marzee’ .�The latter is a little further away but is is
excellent with a huge amount to see - three or four storeys of
exhibitions and artists work that they represent. There are also
loads of drawers of work.�Amazing.�I would love to hear what others
recommend - maybe you could post them on Orchid if they�communicate
with your directly.

Good luck with the planning - wish I could come!

Christel in West Oz