European Gem shows

Greetings all,

I have recently relocated to Europe (Croatia) and am looking for a replacement for my yearly Tuscon pilgrimage for restocking on stones, materials, tools etc. Is anyone familiar with the shows in Europe and can comment on which are the big ones as well as how they compare to Tucson?

The Munich show Sept 30-Oct 02 I’ve heard is a big one, if not the big one, but it lands at a very awkward time for me this year. Trying to prioritize my travels and sort out new suppliers over here.



I think that is the October fest, in my naivety I believed that was about food and drink. :wink:

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Intergem Idar-Oberstein September 23 - 25 is a stunning show. Top end, innovative gems.
Judy H

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Thanks Judy, it looks comparatively small, but high quality. Twice as far as Munich, but might be a nice exploration.

To be more clear, I’m looking for a wholesale show with a broad spectrum of vendors so I can restock materials but also see what’s new and interesting entering the market that might make for a creative departure.

I realize that after Tucson everything might feel small, but my hope is that I can find my people and suppliers regionally rather than having to continue going to Tucson and dealing with shipping and travel.