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European designer jewelry

Good Morning Orchid Members:

My favorite designers aRe: Chanel, Christian Dior, Schiaparelli,
YSL, and Givenchy. My two favorite pieces of jewelry in my personal
collection are my Christian Dior necklace that has a mint green
stone inthe middle surrounded by Pave’ Rhinestones. This one is on a
gold chain and very lovely.

My second favorite are the Chanel earrings I bought on E-bay. They
have the CC logo at the top and are dangly type earrings. Then my
3rd favorite piece of jewelry that I own is my YSL ruby red and
white navette bracelet.

I have always had a love of European Designer Jewelry. I just bought
a copy of a Chanel book to read more about the life of Gabrielle
CoCo Chanel it is titled: Chanel: A Woman of Her Own. The author’s
name is Axel Madsen. I am just starting to read it, so I will keep
you posted about what I find out.

I never knew that Chanel had love affairs with Ivor Stravinsky and
Winston Churchhill. She was an amazing woman. Also, she closed the
House of Chanel, in January of 1971, the same day she passed away.
She was an amazing and beautiful woman…

Are there any Orchidians who share my love of Vintage and Costume
Jewelry?? I would love to hear from you…

Very best,