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European costume jewelry designers?

I recently chanced upon a small costume jewelry shop with some
really cute items - all being sold very expensively.

At the price it was being sold, I bought a bunch of it, because it
will be great for christmas gifts.

I bought pieces from two designers - Felia P, and Farfalla Bonetti,
both European costume designers. Farfalla Bonetti is from Spain. I
have NO idea where Felia P is from - anyone here know?

The salesperson told me that the jewelry they sell, at these
ridiculously low prices, is also being sold in Saks, although I can’t
find record of this fact (I haven’t actually called Saks yet, but
I’m about to)…

Kenny Ma’s work (, from san francisco) was
also being offered there, although at much higher prices than the
other two designers - still, the prices were much lower than I’ve
seen his costume jewelry being offered at major department stores.
Each designer had their own showcase. I bought the stuff after I saw
that Kenny Ma had a case there, because it seemed to give it some

Given that I am a jewelry vendor (I sell costume as well as
sterling/semi-precious jewelry), I usually take pitches like this
only half-seriously (we all know some street vendors will say just
about anything to make a sale, hehehe), so when she said it was being
sold at Saks, I decided to do a web search.

I also scout major department stores to see if they’re selling my
items, and for how much, and I almost always pass this on
to customers when they buy from me. Generally, I sell around thirty
percent cheaper than department stores. However, I am honest when
I make these claims - but since, yeah, not all street vendors are
honest, I am checking up on this, as I am considering buying a lot
more of this stuff. It really is quite pretty for costume jewelry -
they claim it’s rhodium and austrian crystal. And if it is
selling in major department stores, I want to know for how much.
Obviously, I also want to know whether or not the salesperson was
being honest with me. I thought perhaps by doing a search, I could
contact US representatives of these companies about their jewelry and
ask them myself.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much on the web about these
two costume jewelry designers - Farfalla Bonetti, and Filia P. I did
manage to locate a few european websites with photos from
Euro-bijoux, a European show, where Farfalla Bonetti had a booth, but
the company does not appear to have a website - all I could find is a
phone number for spain, and would prefer not to have to call it since
I don’t have a land line, only a cellular phone.

Does anyone here in this massive collection of know-it-alls and
resources happen to know anything about these two costume jewelry

I’m also new to the concept of ‘rhodium’ - I’ve been reading up on a
lot of the recent posts about plating, etc., so I am assuming that
this costume stuff is rhodium-plated over, say, pewter or brass or
whatever… Perhaps someone can clarify this, as well.