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European Contemporary Jewellery Book


Hi Martin, Marlein Jan and Joachim

Many thanks for your thoughts! The search engine addresses are much
valued - this is exactly what I was looking for. As far as Galerie
Ra goes Marlein, yes it is a pity they are not on the net - I have
been there a few times (excellent books) as I usually go to the
Netherlands once a year. A’dam is a highlight. But of course when
you are only visiting for a short while often they don’t have what
you want and its not always possible to come back.

Unfortunately I still don’t have the book I was after as I don’t have
much info. Can anyone help? It is an older book on Hermann Junger.
I don’t know the title or author. It is NOT the later book: Uber
Schmuck und das Machen (1996). My searches have failed, so if anyone
knows anything more I would be very grateful.

Many thanks


Type: search under " Any other words " hermann
junger Comes up with: Pullee, Caroline 20th Century Jewelry, Mullard
press 1990, Village Booksmith $30 I don’t know if this is the book but
I hope so.

Chris Hackett


Have you tried Charon Kransen? Atthe MJSA Designer Day and Platinum
Symposium at FIT, we were lucky enough to check out his wonderful
selection of books. If anyone can help you find the book, it’s Charon
Kransen. He can be reached at or at (212) 627-
5073. Good luck!