Euro Tool crucible holder

I know members of Orchid are aware of my training with Jay Whaley.
Along the way, I have seen life made far easier for all of us as a
result of Jay’s inventive skills.

Well Euro Tool agrees, and is now marketing one of Jay’s devices,
which I have previously mentioned.

We all know how cumbersome, it can be when melting and pouring an
ingot, getting the hot crucible in a good position can be, Jay had
designed a tool for the UCSD Studio, that made pouring an ingot a

Euro Tool is now marketing this device via its network of Dealers,
they are not calling it a crucible holder, but have a different
name. I did want to include a part number, but Jay suggests resellers
may give it their own inventory number. So a bit of research and
perseverance should point you or your dealer in the right direction.

They have it in two sizes, small and large. I found in the Studio,
we have three sizes of crucibles, so best to check just what Euro
Tool is calling large and small. I can see the need for a true large
size and consider the large, medium. Then, what do I know?