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Etiquette when Selling something on Orchid

Hi - - I’m wondering what to do. I put up some items for sale and someone expressed interest in buying them. I responded via private message but the person didn’t reply. I’ve sent a few additional private messages and also posted again on the public forum within the thread asking if the person is still interested…but I’ve gotten no further response.

So…what is the etiquette in this situation? I want to move on and put the items up for sale in other places. How many times should I reach out? I do not have email or phone contact info.


You have tried two methods to reach them and I can’t think of any others. I feel you are free to try to sell the item again.


Nan- if it were me, I’d include an email or something other than a pm. Not everybody has messenger support. And when you advertise somewhere else, mention “cross-posted” and how they get to be first.
Judy H

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I agree with fsgmetal

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