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Eternity ring

Hi, perhaps someone can help in the process of making an gold eternity ring using pearls from a necklace.the shank is sterling silver and adding gold sleeves to create a chanel to secure the pearls.
My problem is the finish,how to set the pearls in an elegant manner.
Do I have to drill holes on the shank to seat the pearls
Do I have to create prongs to st the pearl.
Is there a tutorial video on line
Thanks for the help
Cheers marc

i havent seen a video on that…yet!:rofl::joy:

but i can suggest looking at estate/antique/vintage websites to see examples of setting

they often show many photos, with views that may give you ideas for fabrication.

a few of my favorites are Lang Antiques, and 1st Dibs.

estate/antique/ vintage pricing guide books also often have photod that might enlighten you…

jewelry incorporating tiny pearls has always been a favorite of mine!

i “think” most of the pearl rings that have caught my eye have claws runbed over…or bezel set…


i would venture to guess search terms might inclue:
arts and crafts


I hate to burst your bubble, but an eternity ring made with pearls will not hold up. Pearls are too soft, and fragile, and in short time will daily wear be scratched and broken especially on the underside of the ring. Their Mohs hardness is 2.5. I think that the only things softer than pearls on the Mohs scale are talc and gypsum. In fact any pearl ring regardless of design should only be worn on special occasions. Prong setting pearls is nearly impossible to do without damaging them. This is why most pearl jewelry you see is peg set on pendants and earrings. Pearl Care and Cleaning Guide.
And finally eternity rings cannot be easily sized even with stones like diamonds that can take the heat of a torch. Were I you, I’d take the time to rethink you project and come up with design for perhaps another necklace or earrings. One of the most important and painful lessons I’ve learned over the years is when to say “No”.
Trust me on this. The only reason I’m considered an “expert” is because in over 50 years at the bench I have f****d up everthing there is to f**k up.
Best wishes and have fun and make lots of jewelry. -Jo


that is great advice! maybe that is why many i saw today were actually beads, on wire, where the wire was secured


well,strait to the point !love the reply,very helpful thank you .the ring is for my wife for our wedding anniversary,and will rethink the project,cheers


You can set a pearl, or perhaps more than one, in an upside down dome and this tends to protect the pearls somewhat, altho’ to keep them completely free from possible damage, you’d have to set them pretty low and that might not be the look you want. Obviously Jo is right, pearls are fragile. Necklaces and earrings make more sense for them than rings. -royjohn

Here’s a pearl set down in a shell:

That’s a great design for a protected pearl in a ring.

Thank you all for all the help and ideas regarding my project
Cheers marc

I think as long as your wife understands that this would be a special occasion only ring, it should be fine. Think of fancy high heeled dress shoes. Fine for a party or evening out. Not to be worn every day while doing work. As for the setting, I would make a ring with fairly high channel walls, and use pegs for each pearl. I would also suggest either half pearls, or flat bottomed ones.

Thank you for the suggestion and will let her know that , greatly appreciate your input , cheers marc

for internet research, i think i should have included Victorian period too

(first 2 pics are not victorian, more contemporary looking, but seem like the channel concept you were mentioning)


These pics give me a good idea on how to finish the setting now thanks, cheers marc

Pearls are so delicate the work involved to secure them is just not a good idea at all

thx tom will reconsider the plan