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Eternal spring


I have designed a necklace that is comprised of a piece of silver
wire that goes around the neck. To fasten, you simply hook one end
to the other, in front.

I am concerned that in time, the part opposite the hook will weaken
and break from being pulled at by the wearer as the necklace is
repeatedly removed.

How can I ensure “eternal spring”? To what degree should this be
work hardened? Is there a maximum wire gauge limit for this sort of

Thanx and keep shining,

Springs made in gold or silver will kink and fracture sooner or
later no matter how well you hardened or tensioned the item. The
’eternal’ part depends on how the customer treats the item. Are you
able to repair the item you made? Will the repair be as good as or
better than the original?

As a jewellery repairer I see various items with failed gold/silver
springs and tension devices. Repairing them to the original
specifications is usually very expensive, has a poor life expectancy,
and will make me the new scapegoat for the problem. My solution is to
find an alternative method that eliminates the spring.

I am biased because I see many more failures than successes. Sorry,
not the answer you are looking for. I join you in eager anticipation
of some success stories!

Cheers, Alastair