Etching with sulphamic acid

I have a fairly large quantity of sulphamic acid crystals, and I’m
wondering if I can use it for etching silver. I couldn’t find any
reference to using it for that purpose on the web, and I’m wondering
if anyone on Orchid has had any experience of doing this?

Anna Williams

I haven’t used every etching mordant but here is a very good site: This is a site by and for printmakers who have
developed the best modern safe techniques. It is really an on line
book! Silver is not really used for printing plates ($$$$) and has
one really special consideration- It won’t use a chloride containing
mordant!! Silver chlorides are insoluble and don’t work well. The
electro etching procedures described are very nice and easy to
control. You won’t find Islamic acid mentioned but it is a usable
material. Every thing is relatively safe within limits. you can get
lots of including toxicity with goggle searches.

I have collected a lot of on etching processes which I
will share with you.


I’ve never tried it, but I doubt it’s a strong enough acid. However,
sulfamic acid is a common ingredient in Tilex type bathroom soap
scum removers. At least you could use a dilute solution of it for
that if it’s no good on silver.