Etching test for CZ?

I heard about a (destructive) test for sorting CZs from real diamonds in
reclaimed material. Some kind of chemical solution etches the CZ, but not
diamonds, so you can then eliminate them from the recycled stones. Does
anyone know what that chemical is? I have quite a lot of reclaimed small
stones and I would not want to accidentally use one as a diamond.


Stephen Walker

Don’t know about the chemical etch, but in my trade shop days we’d just hit
the girdle on a suspected stone with a separating disc. Quick and easy.
-Jo Haemer

What I look for are: if there are any smooth edges of the facets. Not too mention of the girdle of the stone is too smooth

Gerry Lewy!..just sent from my iPhone!

Check also if the girdle seems too thick. The Crown & Kite facets must be in exact proportions all around the stone. If any of these strange occur this is a Red Flag, your stone is not a diamond… Another point is to invert the stone… If it looks transparent, another Red Flag! It isn’t what it seems, just a synthetic CZ!!!..;(
Gerry Lewy!..just sent from my very busy iPhone!

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Hoover and Strong has a CZ etching service, I’ve used it and it was great. I’d check their website under “refining” it was ~$75 for the service (not including shipping) and that was for up to 1000 ct. No clue what chemical they’re using. I didn’t use their sorting service, just spend an hour picking out all the frosted ones, which I then saved for setting practice!

If you have a uv short wave light most czs will fluoresce yellow green to yellow orange. diamond none to blue. Not proof positive as both can be without fluorescence and diamond can fluoresce in any color(rare) but if you have allot of mixed stones can be a good first sorting step.