Etching steling with Ferric Nitrate

I have ferric nitrate crystals and I am looking to use it to etch
sterling. Anyone know how much ferric nitrate to mix with how much
water to make a good etching solution?

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Hi Tim,

I’ll probably get told off for saying this, but I usually just mix
until the mixture is a dark orange colour. The strenght of the
liquid affects the etch time too, as does heat. I usually sit the
container of ferric solution in a bath of warm water to speed the
etch up a bit. I have a small coffee sized jar of the crystals,
which doesn’t go far if you need to etch big objects.

So the answer is: I don’t know the exact quantities either. I’m
interested to see if anyone else knows.

Rebecca Gouldson


Tim, The best etch is with 2 cups distilled water to 1 cup ferric
nitrate. If you have questions about etching, let me know.