Etching Resist from 3M

Depending on your transfer medium, PnP Blue or the 3M PPM 2500 (my
personal favorite), you should get a good, clean etch. Good luck!  
-k  Karen Christians 

What is 3M PPM 2500 and whey is it your favorite, please?

Elaine Luther

Elaine, 3M makes a transparency film called PPM 2200 that you can run
through a laser printer or a photocopy machine. Using an iron, you
can then transfer the toner off of the transparency and onto your
metal to act as a resist for etching. The 3M product is not a
resist, just a vehicle for getting the resist from your
printer/copier onto the metal. You can purchase a box of 100 sheets
for about US$21 from office supply stores.

I like this film because it really releases the toner very
completely and takes the heat of the iron well.

Anne Hollerbach
[who is even now working on the etching patterns for her SNAG pin swap
goodies using 3M PPM 2200…]

OK, 3M PPM 2200 or 3M PPM 2500. Where do you buy it? I can’t find it
with my regular search routines. John Flynn

    OK, 3M PPM 2200 or 3M PPM 2500. Where do you buy it? I can't
find it with my regular search routines. 

Apparently, Staples sells it. The most recent packaging seems to
have dropped the M. It’s just transparency paper. You just have to
keep going to different office supply stores until you find one that
sells it. The difference btw the two product numbers appears to be
which copier brands they work best in.

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Here is an on line store for 3M PP2500 $18.60 for a box of 100

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It’s PPM 2200 from 3M. Basically, this is nothing more than
overhead transparency film for photocopiers. Try Staples, Office
Depot, etc.

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I get my 3M PPM 2200 at Staples office supply store. You can
probably find it in their online catalog. Look in the section for
overhead projector presentation supplies – it’s a transparency
film that you can run through copiers and laser printers.