Etching high speed steel

Does anybody know of a combination of acids which will etch high
speed steel? I use nitric acid to sharpen by vanadium steel burrs
but the concentration I am using does not work on my high speed
steel burrs. Thanks!

Hello For etching stainless steels, and also HSS steel you need H2So4
and HCl in rather high concentrations

Try this
55% water add
25% concentrated H2So4 and  20% concentrated HCl
heating up increases the speed.
neutralize in washing soda

remember first water that acid Strong acids are not to be used by
ignorant people.

And maybe for all you money saver try to etch you files.

use following Clean the file in a hot washing soda bath with a brush,
or with an other way of decreasing.

Than put them in the following mixtuRe:

7 parts water
3 parts sulphuric acid
1 part Nitric acid.

In a few minutes ready. Neutralize in washing soda again.

Martin Niemeijer