Etching Glass

Ok, let me try this again…

Can someone tell me names and handling of chemicals used to give a
light etch or frost to glass surfaces?

This is intended for someone outside of the USA who
does not have access to Armour etch products. She may, however,
have access to a lab chemical supply outlet. She also does not have
access to a glass blowing shop or school in her area.

Thank you for all your help!

Pam East
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Pam, I don’t have the answer to your question but if you do a little
searching on the web, I’m sure you’ll find it. I know I’ve seen it in
previous search, but it’s not my question so I’m not particularly
motivated to spend too much time looking for the answer. The link I’m
providing below looks promising and was found by typing “armour etch
glass acid” into Google.

Christine in Littleton, Massachusetts

Aloha Again,

Okay, I do understand what you are asking. One of the greatest
resources to us is surfing the web. Of course we have ocean surfing
here in Hawaii, but to me web surfing is more fun.

Here is a direct link for the company:

Enter their site and request I know they have a
catalog, but I didn’t look for a phone number. I can’t say if this
product can be shipped to a foreign country. I do know for a fact
that it can be shipped overseas because we can purchase it in

Hopefully this may help steer you and your friend in the correct

Much Aloha,