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Etching equipment for sale

Hello to everyone. After too many years at the bench I am selling some supplies and equipment and moving towards semi-retirement. First off is a German made Bungard etching machine that I have converted to accept …two at a time…6"x12" brass, copper or stainless plates. It will etch completely through 20 gauge copper in about 15 minutes. You can easily cut out as well as half etch at the same time. The machine comes complete with 400’ of 8 inch wide Dupont resist, a Canon printer for making negatives, a vacuum exposure unit with all new bulbs as well as 40 gallons of fresh ferric chloride. I am asking $1800 for everything. I am located at the top of the Finger Lakes in New york State, halfway between Rochester and Syracuse. If you would like to contact me at 570-240-6215 I can forward two short video clips of the machine in operation. I would also be willing to provide some instruction to help you get up and running.

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