Etching cautions for ferric nitrate etc

Hi, Fellow Orchidians

Be CAREFUL with these and all chemicals.

Hydrofluoric acid is one of the all time most powerful & toxic acids on
this planet…it dissolves glass…

There seems to be a somewhat cavalier attitude with the “non-nitric acid”
etchant chemicals.

They penetrate the skin and go straight into the blood and they are TOXIC.

protect your EYES with goggles

Use a gas HOOD vented to out doors

use chemical duty rubber gloves NOT DISHWASHING gloves

have acid neutralizer on hand and ready for use (know how to use it)

have chemical spill and poison control numbers at hand for easy use

store only in approved containers…no metal lids…acid eats them

store where curious children cannot get to them…behind a door and

The vapours of “Sparex” and other pickles, that arise when hot metal is
quenched is another source of serious chemical exposure.directly to the
lungs… I have seen way too many jewelers acting as if this is “no

You can get away with not following these “rules of the chemical road” for
a while…BE WARNED: The effects of chemical exposure are
CUMULATIVE… it doesn’t go away and it continues to collect in your body
till you have a SERIOUS problem.

I’m pretty sure John Burgess and others can add some more “rules” for
safety while using chemicals.

As the day Sergeant on Hill Street Blues used to say: “Have a good day and
be careful out there”

All the best in all things,

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