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Etching brass plates

Many years ago I etched brass plates that were used to texture sterling silver in my rolling mill. I remember using a Sharpie pen to draw my designs on the brass plates before placing them in the etching solution. I need a refresher course and/or information on how to etch brass plates. Is there a publication or website that explains the process?

Have you searched the archives?

What I remember about the Sharpie is to use the Industrial super permanent ink Sharpie.

Will check the archives…thank you for the information regarding type of Sharpie to use.

We use Sharpie oil based paint markers for electro etch in a salt water solution and find they hold up quite well. Red and green hold up much better than black for a deeper etch.

Industrial sharpie and Staz-on (sp?) ink pads with rubber stamps work well in ferric chloride. Just keep an eye on fine lines when trying for a deeper etch as they may start to undercut.

Karen Christians has a tutorial posted in the archives using ferric chloride. Mike Moretti has an electro etch tutorial online.

Have fun!

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Thank you for this information…I will look for the tutorial.

The Sharpie Paint pens work well and there are 2 different size tips.

Thank you for this information - will look for the Sharpie Paint pens

I could not find Karen Christians’s tutorial…do you know where I might find it? Many thanks


Here’s a link to. Karen’s tutorial…

There are quite a few articles from which to choose…

FWIW, if you’re planning to purchase oil based markers note that black sharpie oil base markers do not hold up as well as the red or green.

Thank you!


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