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Etching - Best paper to use in laser printer?

Hello Orchid Friends,

I enjoy etching but would like my images to be crisper with greater
detail. I am using an HP Laser Printer. What is the best paper to
use to print sharp images? I have read that magazine paper and photo
paper work well, but I would appreciate our Orchid member’s advice.

Many thanks,
Betsy in Atlanta

I do quite a bit of etching and when I use paper for my transfers, I
use glossy copy paper. I’ve been using Hammermill but not
necessarily because it’s better than any other brand. It just
happened to be the best price at the store when I needed to purchase

Wendy Jo New

I’ve done quite a bit of experimenting and have found this paper the
best (so far), even for fine detail.

I also found that using a laminator, vs the standard iron is also
well worth the initial set up cost.

Live Oak Studios 

This site says “The process of transferring toner by re-fusing an
image to a copper surface began back in the early 90’s.*”

*A bit off-topic, but you might be interested to know that Kodak was
using this technique to etch circuit boards in the late 60’s.

Al Balmer