Etching and Electroforming

I am desperate to find an alternative to Sherri Haab’s ‘ITS Solution and also her Transfer Paper.’
I have been trying to get an answer from Sherri/Gingerline (who took over from her). No answer whatsoever.
Anyone out there used those products? Anyone have a suggestion as to another product for Image Transfer? This combination that she had worked perfectly. It is so disappointing to be in this situation.
Any leads would be very gratefully received. Thanks, Patricia

I am not sure what you are transferring images to, but TW Designs sell a nice system to transfer images to metal prior to engraving…Rob

I used to use the circuit board etch resist “PNP blue.” You print on it with laser toner and then flip it and iron on your piece. The toner remelts and bonds the metal, peeling off the paper. Because it relies on the toner for the resist, I found results could vary depending on the printer I used, so sometimes I needed to do touch up with nail polish or sharpie paint pens.

No experience with ITS solution but here are my thoughts.

The ITS Solution she sells looks like a solvent or glue of some sort to help transfer toner to the surface. You might be able to get away with wiping your surface with a thin film of solvent (acetone is probably too aggressive? Maybe alcohol is enough), or even a liquid adhesive to get better transfer. You might have to experiment with a couple solvents or solvent/adhesive dilutions to replicate her ITS solution, but if you have a bit of the ITS around you may be able to identify the solvent she used by scent. You want something that’ll dissolve the tonor lightly to encourage it to bond the metal. The heating she describes to complete the bond is likely to reflow the tonor and evaporate off the ITS solvent.

Hello Rob - thanks so much for that. I have sent him an email…
Kind regards, Patricia

Thank you so much for the advice. I will follow all of that up and do some tests…
A big hello from Australia,

Contenti has transfer paper that is writable, sticks and is clear.