Etching aluminum

Help, I want to etch aluminum. Can someone tell me what kind of acid
to use and the best resist. Thank you, Dolores

Reaching far back into my past, I seem to remember that aluminum
dissolves only in very alkaline solutions, not acidic ones, and even
then only very reluctantly. You might want to consider engraving or
sand-blasting instead.


check out this:

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Intaligo printmaking usually involves copper or zinc plates but
aluminum is also used.

Aluminum can be chemically etched with lye or tin chloride. Lye
will damage some resists particularly at least some of the photo
resist films. if you want to try lye a good simple to use form is
conventional “Oven Cleaner” . It is lye and the safe use
instructions are on the can. No mixing, cheap and available at the
grocery store. The gas formed with aluminum and lye is hydrogen
which can burn but it doesn’t hang around long.

You may be able to find a printmaker that uses aluminum plates.
There are a lot of printmaking school programs around.



use caustic soda as etching and for the resistant use asphaltium

good luck
raffi keshishian