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Ergonomics jewelry making

Adaptive Jewelry Making for Those with neck or back pain

Are there books available, describing how to work around painful neck
and back issues, when jewelry making, in particular, metalsmithing?

I find myself in that in that situation and I have only been learning
jewelry and metalsmithing for the past year. I don’t want to abandon
this rewarding passion, but as I am relatively isolated from a large
crafts community, I may be handling the tools wrong, etc.

Mike Allen

A Pain In The Neck by Bradney W. Simon

Ergonomics for Bench Pin Modifications

How you move, sit and stand: Ergonomics

Jewelry making Ergonomics topics on Orchid

Thank you for the list of articles. I read a couple before my
original post, and I should have been more specific,

I already have problems with neck and back, so I was hoping
someone(s) may have or could share info on how they work around the
"pains". Like an old saying; “the horse is already out of the barn,
no use closing the gate now”. I spent 16yrs dragging heavy cameras
and gear around a large industrial plant and about the same time
editing digital photos. A couple of car accidents and a few years
have left the gate open.

This is a great creative outlet and I could use the extra income
potential, so I am looking for ways around tight shoulders and lower
back pain when standing.

Again, Thank You,
Mike Allen

I have found that working at a higher table than a normal one, and
using magnification, and good lighting keeps me from hunching in to
focus on my work. My chiropractor has told me to move my body around
and reset my positioning every 10-15 minutes. To get into the habit,
I used an egg timer as a reminder.

I hope this helps!

My chiropractor has told me to move my body around 

Best thing for your body is to work at your bench standing up.
Sitting for long periods of time is extremely un-healthy.

Hi George You are probably right, but some of us have no choice. I’m
stuck in a wheelchair. My bench has to be low. I still manage to make
some cool stuff. Enjoy the ability to move as you do. Sheri