Equivalent of argentium is in the UK?

Does anyone know what the equivalent of Argentium is in the UK?
Cooksons do an alloy called Reflections silver, and before that they
did another the name of which I can’t remember, both of which
contain germanium. I make a lot of hand made chains, and the idea of
being able to fuse as an alternative to soldering is very appealing.


Hi Anne,

You can buy argentium in the UK from Argex - they don’t have an
online ordering facility, but are always very helpful on the phone.

Their Argentium is, I believe, manufactured in Italy by the current
European licence holder. It’s depressing that this British innovation
isn’t made in the UK.

Cooksons sold Argentium for a while, but are now offering
Reflections, which seems to be a successor to Brilliante. This is not
an alternative, as although its tarnish resistance is good, it does
not fuse or ball up in the same way as Argentium.

hope that helps