Equipment stands

I’ve purchased a Contenti rolling mill for my hobby-level shop, and
am looking at rolling mill stands available online. One is a
Esslinger jewelry equipment stand, adjustable height; another is made
for Durston mills sold by Rio Grande. I’m also considering just
having a contractor friend build a stand for me.

Anyone have experience with the Esslinger stand and want to give a
review? I like the idea of the adjustable height.


i mounted a small bench shear and rolling mill on a $50(ish) stand i
found at one of the DIY retailers. every once in awhile i wish i had
something heavier duty, but i can ‘lean into’ it…i have several i
use in my woodworking studio, too.


Jody, don’t forget the rolling mill stands sold at Harbor Freight. I
have two, one in my home shop and one at the studio. They do the job
just fine.

Cheers, from Don in SOFL.

I bought this stand on Amazon. It’s cheap and easy to put together.
I did have to saw a piece of 3/4" masonite (or you can use plywood)
to fit on top, bought extra nuts/bolts at the home store, and then
bolted my rolling mill on top of the masonite. It’s plenty big for
the mill, but I bolted the mill to one side (make sure you test
placement of the mill first to allow for clear handle movement- then
mark the holes to drill on the masonite), and I have room left over
for laying out my metal, rulers, brass templates, etc… Cheap, too-
$36 and very secure.

Bosch TS1001
Fixed Steel Stand for Bosch 4000 10-Inch worksite table saw

this is the one i use 50-330 Delta Universal Tool Stand has a shelf
[and helps stabilise] and the top plate has many holes to help
configure and attach your tool.