Equipment repair

can anyone recommend a good all around jewelery equipment repair. I
searched the archives and John Cranor, The Jewelry Equipment Dr, web
site is no longer active. from what I remember when I last checked
that web site he fixed amost eveything related to jewelry tools and
equipment. thanks ringdoc

Try ken at I received a quality product in a timely

Anthony Prime

The Jewelry Equipment Dr. is your single source for all your
equipment repair needs. We no longer maintain that web site but you
can contact us at 719-527-1531. John


I am having my old Thermindor repaired by John Cranor now. You can
reach him at: John Cranor, The Jewelry Equipment Dr. 719-527-1531.
Shipping/mailing address: J.E.D., 4830 Newstead Pl. Colorado
Springs, CO 80906. Email:

Hope this helps.

   can anyone recommend a good all around jewelery equipment


I recommend MPG Repair. I just googled them, found their web site,
but for some reason can’t connect. I think Ken Ketosey reads these
posts. If you’re out there Ken, please post your contact info. I’ve
used these guys and they were great.

David L. Huffman

Hi David, My site must not have been responding when you looked. To
contact MPG Repair our phone is 1-877-262-2185 email to the above
address. I will be happy to answer any questions. Web site

Both MPG Repair and Jewelry Equipment Doctor are great places to get
your equipment serviced. John Cranor and I are friends and we talk
frequently. He is very friendly and I have never heard anyone say
anything negative about him or his service.

Have a great day and let us know how we can help.

Ken Kotoski

Hi, My name is David Perry and I need a new cover for my 10 inch
saw. It’s a Beacon Star or Contempo Model TC-1 (or TC-1 saw). Can
you help me find a cover? I appriciate your efforts. Contact me
at @perry

The jewelry equipment doctor. John canor. I have known his dad for
20 plus years. And he is just as good. His dad helped in the creation
of a lot of the swest equipment.


Ken, your post is one of the things which I most LOVE about

Orchid. You and John are definitely COMPETITORS for some of the same
business, yet you are willing to say good things about him, instead
of 'dis’ing him.

Orchid ROCKS!
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