Equipment for sale

Hi all, As said, we are moving to Europe and I decided to sell a
couple of things. I am selling the centrifuge, not because I think
that this is not a good machine - I think that the contrary is true -
but I often had problems with castings because I do not have a
vacuum. I tried to solve the problem or the air bubbles by using a
vibrator, but this procedure is not satisfactory. This is what I have
for sale:

  1. Neycraft centrifugal casting machine. I purchased this machine
    past year in December at Gesswein. The machine is in excellent
    condition. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I also have
    three crucibles (which I used for gold, for silver and for bronze
    resp.). The one for bronze is almost unused. The weight (for the arm
    when using heavier flasks) is here. This machine is easy to use, is
    absolutely safe and works very well.

  2. Vibrator for investment. I purchased this vibrator past year in
    December at Stuller. It is almost as good as new. There is some
    investment on the outside, but I will remove it.

I also have three books to sell:

  1. Judith Peck, ‘Sculpture as Experience. Working with Clay, Wire,
    Wax, Plaster and Found Objects’, PA, 1989. This book is written by a
    teacher (Peck, Ph.D.) with a lot of experience and insight. This book
    is meant for sculptors but I found that it contained a lot of
    excellent and useful ideas, both technical and aesthetical, for
    jewelry design. I like this book, because it is clear and it teaches
    you things. Condition: good to very good.

  2. Bain, George, 'Celtic Art. The methods of construction, 1971, New
    York. This is Bain’s masterwork. It really is a beautiful book.
    Condition: good (there is a scratch on the cover and a put a couple
    of arrows on a couple of pages (in case I would get famous, you can
    sell this book again, for example to the Louvre or to the

  3. Coles, Madeline, ‘Jewelry. Two books in one’, 1999, New York.
    This book was useful for me in the beginning. It’s two books in one:
    one has projects (rings, pendants, brooches, …), while the other
    one deals with technics (annealing, soldering, mitering, making jump
    rings, making clasps, and so on). Condition: very good.

Please contact me off-line if interested. With best regards, Will

Hi All,

I am getting rid of some of my equipment I never use. I’ll offer it
on Orchid first before I put it on Ebay.

I have a brand new Neycraft centrifugal casting machine, never used.
I decided I liked vacuum casting better. $450

Covington 18" rock saw. $1200 If you are interested in this, you
will have to pick it up. Our Rock club has 3 of them so I don’t use
mine much. It is in excellent condition. You can even have the
oil….and I’ll throw in a few pounds of Jade to practice
cutting on.

I’ll be happy to put some pictures on my Web if you are interested.

Love and God Bless

We got a laser welder and don’t this any more. If anyone is
interest it’s a hole lot better than the ABI units out there. If
you were ever at Stuller this is what they use in there shop
although the sell the ABI units. It’s a tacker by Joyal from Linden
NJ model 60.120 MFD 110 volts purchased new in June 2001. It has
served us well and does a great job ever tine you step on the
peddle, its a must for platinum work. New there are $2500. I’m
looking to get$1800 plus shipping. Please contact me at
215-493-1300 or e-mail to Happy New Year Jon

Some of you may have heard that I am retiring at the end of the
Holiday season. My son has taken over the Gallery and studio, and I
have some equipment that I no longer need. Because I have received
so many inquiries, I have decided to post the list on Orchid. A lot
of people were looking for tools and equipment for beginners, but
most of this equipment is more suitable to a production shop or
advanced metalsmith.

I have a new Handler split lap ($150). I bought this unit for
production work 15 years ago, and only used it a couple of times
before discontinuing my production line. I also have a used split
lap ($75).

I have a Raytech Model #10 vibratory tumbler w/ flow-through system
($150). This unit has a 10" bowl, and is great for small production
runs, like 50 rings. It comes with media, steel shot, sieves, and
everything else that I used with this unit. This model does not have
a timer on the flow-thru system.

I also have a rotary tumbler ($100). This unit has the barrel
mounted at a 45 degree angle. It is great for tumbling stones.

I have an Allcraft annealing furnace ($200). You could use this for
small flasks, but I used it for annealing my metals. Far more
precise that torch annealing.

I have a new, never used, Otto Frei bead blast cabinet ($150).

I have a Micro Etcher/ Micro Engraver. This is a miniature pencil
blaster for detailed sand/bead blasting ($250). Like new.

I have a bench shear, for cutting sprues ($60).

I have a Cavillin F-100 wire mill ($300) for rolling ingots prior to
drawing through a draw plate. There are some tiny blemishes on the
rolls, but these do not affect the mill at all.

I have a Highland Park Model 8C cabbing unit. ($850). This unit has
two 8" silicon carbide wheels, a flex-drum for 3" belts, a flannel
buff, and a flat lap on the end. I have a new 180 grit diamond
wheel, two new 600 mesh diamond belts and one 220 mesh diamond belt.
The wheel and belts alone would cost you over $300. I also put a new
lap on the end, with a foam pad. There is also a new leather pad
included. Includes a motor.

I have a Star Diamond Model 10C 10" slab and trim saw, with a new
diamond blade, and precision power feed ($250). Motor included.

I have a Foredom #35 High Speed handpiece, with two diamond
flywheels ($75). If you don’t know what this is, you don’t need it.

I have a 5 1/2 " bowl stake ($35), and a double-ended spoon stake
($35) for you silversmiths.

And, for all of you that love surprises, I have three boxes full of
rubber molds. All of these are old, with some bordering on antique.
I got these from a shop that I purchased some years ago. I’m sure
there are some treasures in there, but you may have to hunt for
them. There may be e 100 or more molds in there. Make me an offer!

If you are interested in any of this equipment, contact me off-line
or call me. This equipment is being sold on a First Come basis. Some
of this stuff is heavy. I’m not set up to ship things like this, so
it may take a little while before I can get it packed. The Holiday
Rush is upon us, and my job box is full of custom work. If you can
pick it up here in Frederick, MD that’s best.

Douglas Zaruba
33 N. Market St.
Frederick, MD 21701
301 695-1107