[Equipment Doctor] A great service

About a month ago someone in Orchid recommended John Cranor, The
Jewelry Equipment Doctor. I had a twenty + year old Foredom motor that
was dying. I had called Gesswein to ask about repairing it and they
suggested that it wasn’t worth it. After seeing the recommendation
for John Cranor, I called him and then sent him my Foredom. He
completely rebuilt it for about $46 and it is like new, ready for more
years of service. He did the work in a timely fashion and at a very
reasonable price. He repairs all kinds of jewelry equipment. He can be
reached at 719-527-1531 or www.equipmentdr.com.

Joel Schwalb, @schwalbstudio

I also Used John Cranor ( the Equipment doctor)to repair my old
digital swest therminder , a programmable oven control which I
believe his father may have designed and built for the Swest co. many
years ago. Swest had given me His fathers name and John did a very
good job of repairing it. I also asked him to modify the output to
handle a 30 Amp 220 v. Oven which he did at a very reasonable cost. I
am very pleased with his service.Service was done quickly and
efficiently. Daniel Grandi http://www.racecarjewelry.com visit the
workshop on the web for some ideas.Casting, model /moldmaking /
finishing for designers and for the trade.