Epoxy varnish for bronze


I was wondering what people’s opinions are on making bronze
jewellery so that it doesn’t stain the skin green.I would have
thought that to paint the bronze product with a 2 part epoxy system
would be the cheapest,least time consuming and maybe longest lasting
system.I don’t know.How does an epoxy system stack up against, for
example, gold plating or some other kind of gold/bronze coloured
material? If epoxy is best- then which system should I choose, (I am
in Amsterdam).Would a UV setting system be best.I am asking because I
have a small job to do in bronze.I would appreciate to hear your

Thanks, Graeme.

While there has been constant improvement in coatings for metals over
the years they all eventually wear away. How fast will depend on what
the item is and how often it is worn along with a host of other
environmental issues. This is true for lacquers, epoxys, urethanes,
acrylics etc and for plating as well. Rings especially take a beating
as do bracelets. So how long the coating will last is hard to say.
The paint like coatings generally fail in a less attractive fashion
than plating as they have a tendency to chip and crack which gives a
ragged appearance to the patina of wear that a piece develops.

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts

Is there anything wrong with me(?), but I’d either keep the piece
polished, or use fine silver where it touches the skin.

I’ve never like the less than permanent nature of coatings.

Regards Charles A.