Epoxy mixing

Hi, Orchidians, I lurk a lot, but really enjoy reading this list. I
have a question for you. I’ve been experimenting lately with epoxy
and was wondering if my mixing method is bad. I’ve found a way to
mix with almost no bubbles, but there could be a problem. I use the
5 minute epoxy in a syringe. I put the tips of the syringe in the
corner of a plastic ziploc bag and squeeze the epoxy into one
corner. It goes in very well, sliding down into the corner. I then
ease the corner up around the glue squeezing the air out as I go.
Then I massage the resins together and snip off the tip of the
corner to use like a pastry bag to squirt the epoxy where I need it.
I have had no problems yet with this method, but was wondering if
the plastic used for the baggie might react with the epoxy as it’s
being mixed.