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Epoxy 330

Is anyone else out there been having problems with epoxy 330? I
ordered it twice, about a year apart, from Rio Grande and can’t get
the stuff to set up properly. Do you think it might be a bad
batch? I havn’t had any problems with the 5 minute variety by the
same manufacturer. I was under the impression that epoxy 330 was
the best choice for stone inlay work. Anyone using anything

Wendy Newman

Just another thought, I’ve used the 3 and 5 minute epoxies and
found that after a while they yellow badly.

Wendy, I’ve been using Rio’s Epoxy 330 with no problems. Maybe you
did get a bad batch.

JoelNyack, NY

Hi Wendy,

We stopped using it for that reason a year ago. I try to keep
what the guys in the shop like to use (personal taste). Nobody
likes this stuff. We usually use the water clear from Vigor. Jim

Just a thought and reconsideration. For inlay, have you tried the
EPOXY RESIN which comes in colors (from Rio- about $50.00 for the
kit) Heat treated (under a lamp) to harden . . . I thought that
that was the best choice for inlay (single pieces or crushed stone

Are you using more Hardener than Resin??? If not, that may be the
reason you’re encountering problems (my last batch is several years
old - from Indinan Jewelers Supply, but it’s only a brand name and
should be the same as the stuff from Rio) Also, (recommended by
others) . . .stir in one direction! (I don’t have any idea why . .


I use this (330) all the time and haven’t had any problems.
Always sets up for me, even some of the old tubes that were nearly
used up. I do have problems with Opticon setting up though. I’ve
ordered two different times (thinking first one must be old), but
it just stays sticky. Maybe were having similar problems with
different products. I’ll be interested in any infor on either.
thanks, Nancy

use the 5 min variety .It is just as strong and is easy to use and
if you want to remove an inlay stone , heat the piece gently until
just beyond hot enough to hold in your fingers and it will release

The most important thing is getting equal portions of each.
otherwise it will be semiset and sticky. I use it for inlay and
when mixed properly it works great. Also work in a dry area in
normal temps (68). Good luck - Joy

here is another thought for you … use model paint the color of
the stone and mix a little { 2 or three drops in the epoxy } and
then glue the piece , it will not hurt the strength of the glue and
you will not have the discoloration or yellowing from the clear