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Enlarging ring size

Hi, all. My name is Jen. I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to
figure this one out, and a friend of mine recommended I check with
the people here. I’ve gone through the archives (just a little), and
I’m thoroughly impressed with what I have seen. This is a little
complex, so please bear with me.

I have two rings, a solitaire engagement ring and a simple wedding
band, both of which are 14kt yellow gold. They are both a size 7,
and I need them to be a size 14. I have several other pieces of
jewelry (all the same grade) set to use to size up these two rings,
but I lack the necessary equipment to do so at this time. I am
completely at a loss as to who in my area I should go to (I live in
the metro Sacramento, CA area), or what would be reasonable for them
to charge me. This is my first attempt at out-sourcing anything I
do, and I don’t want to get hosed. Can anyone offer me some advice?
A direction to go in, a general price for something like this, etc;
anything would be helpful at this point.

Thank you,

you will need to replace the entire shank if possible. Sizing a
ring that much could look dumb. Need more specifics to advise further

Robert Whiteside

Hi Jen,

You might consider giving the rings back to your client since you
aren’t set up to do the work. The pricing has to be done by the
jeweler after looking at the rings. There are a few variables that
need to be looked at such as band width and the type of setting. For
instance a channel set ring going up that many sizes will be a
problem. One of my favorite Sac area jewelers is S. Curtis at
Eastern and Arden.

Marta in Georgetown, CA