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Enhydro Quartz - [was: Flush cutting wire tool]

    Water Included Quartz Does anybody know about quartz with water
inclusions? The piece I have is about 20 mm (3/4 inch) long and
includes several pockets of water with black sediment and bubbles
that move when the stone is tilted. What is its proper name? Where
does it come from? Where is it available? What is its value? How
old is the water? How does it taste? 

The material is usually called enhydro quartz. It can come from many
quartz localities, although most enhydro pieces I’ve seen at the
Tucson shows come from Brazil. A quick search of the web turned up
specimens from Colorado, Namibia, Herkimer NY, and Brazil. As to
value, a double terminated enhydro quartz crystal from Herkimer, NY,
15x9x8mm, is selling for $25.00 on one web site. This Herkimer
crystal has “two black specks of anthraxolite, easily moveable in the

At a minimum, the water is as old as the quartz :=) As to taste, I
think you can accurately call it “mineral water”.

John McLaughlin Glendale, Arizona @John_McLaughlin