Engraving practice

I came up with a neat little idea for practicing engraving , and it
can be used anywhere you wish. First I used the aluminum barrel
from a GRS hand engraving handle and removed the insert. Next I cut
the nub off a cheap wooden graver handle so only the ball end was
left. I used a sharpie and marked a circle on the flat of the
wooden ball that was the same size as the aluminum GRS barrel.
Then, I used a ball bur in my flex shaft to cut back into the handle
, oh, about 1/4 inch. Leaving a small circle of wood sticking out in
the center, but allowing the GRS barrel to slide into the handle.

Confused yet? ( I could take a photo and send it if anyone wishes)
Then - taking a drill bit, i drilled from the outside of the graver
wooden ball and into the GRS barrel. Rummaged around and found a
small screw to put through the hole and tighten the handle and
barrel together.

Taking a regular old # 2 pencil, I cut it to the same size I cut my
gravers, and put it into the GRS barrel, securing it with the 2 set
screws that come with the GRS unit. Then sharpen ye ole’ # 2 , grab
a notebook and start engraving with graphite and paper.

Probably not the best way, but it goes anywhere, anytime and you
don’t have to worry about having practice plates all the time.

Daniel Hamilton