Engraving Machine

Hi Folks I have a chance to get an engraving machine second hand.
Trouble is I have only done hand engraving, and not very well. I have
had so much call for initials and names on my custom pieces that I
thought a machine might be a good idea.

The machine available to me is a Portable Paragrave system, complete
with patterns and all materials. Also diamond bits and sandblasting
equipment. Apparently everything is like new, hardly used.

My question is: is this a good piece of equipment to invest in? They
want $1500, though this is not firm (She paid $3000). I do have a
friend that can help teach me how to use it, when I can track him
down. I just don’t know one brand from another as to which is a
quality machine.

Thanks in advance for your wise counsel. Karen Bahr
May your gems always sparkle.

Dear Karen, I Bought a second hand pantagraph machine 8 years ago
now, it was =A3800 so about $1200 then! it came with 2 sets of brass
copy and attachement to do cups and tankards! If you plan to do
trophy engraving tankards, watch case backs lockets bracelets etc etc
etc then all I can say is I paid for it with the extra work in about
3 months!! go for it!! as for training I never had any, except a 5
min conversation with the guy I bought it from, then iy was just find
some scrap items and give it a go!! it’s really not difficult, “as
with everyone on the list we are all very practically minded! Im sure
we all think NOT I cant do that but HOW am I going to do that” Since
then about 5 years ago I inversted =A39000 in a computer controlled
engraving machine to to do things quicker and take on more jobs,
needless to say that I then had one job ( engraving 400 tankards)
that paid 30% of the cost for this engraver! As for hand engraving,
I’ve had my goes with not a lot of success, need more time to
practice!! and admire each and everyone who can hand engrave!! hope
my thoughts help you Karen. Kinderst Regards l8r John John Cadby FGA
@John_Cadby_FGA_DGA www.Cadby.co.uk

I’m sure the new computerized engraving machines are quite “neat”,
but as to cost comparison to the manual pantograph machines, you’ll
have to do the research. If you want to explore the engraving
market for far less money than buying a new CNC machine and going
through the learning curve, I have a 10 year old manual Hermes TXL
series machine for sale. The machine is the large freestanding
floor model capable of engraving just about anything engraveable
from small charms up to large trays, bowls, etc. It comes with many
different holders for small items, adapters for holding bowls and
cups, and eight (8) font styles (and anything else I can find around
here that may go with engraving). The machine can also be easily
upgraded with a motorized spindle for cutting plastic or, with a
little experimentation, engraving on glass.

For anyone interested, I can be contacted off-list at