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Engraving in San Francisco

Hello, I have a customer in San Francisco looking to have a sterling
piece I made engraved. Does anyone have any recommendations in or
around this area (Bay Area, California). Thanks!

Amy O’Connell
Amy O’Connell Jewelry

Hi Amy, For engraving the best person in the areea is Hratch
Nargizian of Rhyton Studio. He’s in the Phelan Bldg. in SF. I took
classes from him at Revere in both engraving and repousse and he was
great! I know that many of the best jewelry stores around the Bay
Area take their work to him. Can’t go wrong!

Elna in Berkeley where the weather is gorgeous and the perfuming is

Amy- Without question, the finest engraver in Northern California can
be found here in San Francisco. His name is Hratch Nargizian of
Rhyton Studion. He’s in the Phelan Building. 760 Market Street, Room
919. Tel: 415.433.9645. Email: I can’t find
enough words to describe his talents.