Engraving 'Gaelic'

I have been asked to engrave a phrase on the back of a watch. -Gaelic
Im The - My client has been told this is Gaelic and means - I Love
You. My questions are: How is this pronounced? Does it mean what they
think it means? The client’s first name is Dawn. How would this name
be translated into t he Irish tongue and how would it be pronounced?

Thanks for your help.

Francis (Still trying to master English as She Is Spoke.)

Hi Francis,

When you say Gaelic, I can only assist with the version spoken in

I was taught Irish(Gaelic) at school but where I lived it was only a
second language, ( there are areas in Ireland where it is the
primary language), needless to say the phrase “I love You” didn’t
crop up too often in Irish classes. So just to be on the safe side I
made a call to Coiste Tearmaiochta An Foras na Gaeilge, which is a
government agency who are the authority on standardized Irish
terminology. They have reliably informed me that the proper way to
say “I Love You” in Irish is “Ta Gra Agam Ort” phonetically this
would be “thaw graw ah-gum uh-rt”.

The name Dawn is an old English name and doesn’t have a direct
translation into Irish, she would simply be known as Dawn.

Hope this helps,
Neil KilBane

The Scottish version is ‘Tha gaoil agam oirre’ which translates as
’I have love for you’. Apparently the grammar precludes a direct ‘I
love you’.

The translation was provided by my brother in law who is/was a
native speaker.

Guthrie Stewart

Here’s a tidbit: the Romans called the Irish “scotus” ergo Scotland
means the land of the Irish.