Engraving diamond

Hello Gerald,

The guys upstairs from me write on diamonds, draw little
pictures and social insurance numbers, anything you want from $50
CDN. They are a bit busy right now drawing little polar bears on
their girdles so they told me there is a line up, several weeks.

If you aren’t in a hurry I can get more details. Tony.
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Is the engraving the same as what De Beers is trying to do or
similar to GIA diamond engraving? At what magnification is
required to see the engraving?

Thank you.

Tay Thye Sun

Hello Tay,

I seem to remember some Japanese company laser engraving diamond
girdles some 15 or so years ago, there was a news release or
article in Lapidary Journal about it.

I have no idea if these polar bears are like anyone elses
anything but I can send you a scan of a picture in their
brochure. There was a recent diamond find here in Canada and a
cutting house and production facility has been established. The
marketing campaign is to promote these Canadian stones
identifiable by the trade marked polar bear on the girdle. Very
cute and it seems to be working, there is a high demand.

The inscription and polar bear can only be seen easily with a
powerful loupe, it’s all rather clever really. The company doing
this has a web site but unfortunately doesn’t show any pictures.

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ICQ# 15173706

Hello Anthony,

Thank you for your certainly is helpful.

The idea of branding diamond by De Beers has been circulating
the market for sometime and then followed by branding the diamond
started in the northern part of England no long ago. De Beers
got their reasons i.e. one of which is to strengthen their market
control of the diamond business. What worries me is can ordinary
people in the street tell the different between the De Beers
design from the copied one? I always like to compare the famous
US$100 or lesser denomination are copies time and again and it
takes some experts to check the difference. Are we going to that
direction when people can claim that their diamond is from De
Beers? Big problem ahead.

With best regards,

Tay Thye Sun

Hello Tay,

I think the DeBoyz notoriety can actually work against them.
Sirius are enjoying brisk sales of diamonds that are absolutely
guaranteed Canadian stones that are not supplied by the monopoly
we all know and love so much.

By the way they also sell these machines so if you want to laser
engrave your own stones or write “No it’s not!” on stones that
are inferior copies of somethig else. They tell me however that
all of their customers for these machines are currently swamped
with engraving requests yet none have been purchased for
providing this service nor advertised as such.

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ICQ# 15173706

I would agree with you. If you look ahead, I’m certain it is
unwise to “mikimoto” the diamond business for all concerned
parties. There is a customer at every level of diamond quality;
including cutting. The three “K’s” (Kiger, Keppie and Kaplan)
have been around since the twenties, and have marketed ideal
makes ( tolkowski and now the “American ideal”) without tagging,
labeling, or otherwise marking in a proprietory manner. Time
will tell.

		Bye for now!

Dear Mr. Sun:

I saw your recent post on this subject and frankly, you have me
puzzled. What do you mean by the DeBeers “design?” I work in a
retail store who carries the “Hearts on Fire” brand of stones.
These diamonds are perfect in both make, simetery and polish.
Each and every one is branded on the girdle with the name and an
identifying number. It’s extreemly hard to see with the naked
eye and only serves to identify the stone’s origin. I doubt very
much that anyone would go to such trouble and take such a risk as
to actually fake the brand of these or anyone else’s stones.


Hello Steve,

De Beers ‘design’ I am refering to their branding and you say
rightly that their name and identifying number and their size and
font of wording used.

Hearts on Fire brand of diamond. It is good that you know how
to check the quality of cut of diamond and associate it with the
brand. But how many ordinary folk out there know about the
quality of cut? De Beers is a big name and when you sell diamond
belongs to De Beers you are among those class. Depending on
which country you are in, about 10% to 20% can afford good stuff
but 80% to 90% of people out there can afford the cheaper
version. Many time the third world nations were blamed for
imitating the branded goods. The reason many people can afford
the look alike version and would pay that certain amount.

With best regards,

Tay Thye Sun

   I work in a retail store who carries the "Hearts on Fire"
brand of stones. These diamonds are perfect in both make,
simetery and polish. Each and every one is branded on the
girdle with the name and an identifying number. 

Steve, maybe I’m confusing this with another cut, but isn’t the
Hearts of Fire also distinguished by a slightly different
pavilion facet arrangement? I saw one recently, which I THINK
was called Hearts of Fire, where the pavilion in essence had 16
mains, instead of 8, with a single “girdle” facet between each
two main facets, that “girdle” facet carried down farther toward
the culet than is normal for a standard round brilliant… Gave
the paviliona a somewhat different look through the table… Very
pretty, but different. Is that the same, or am I getting

Peter Rowe