Engraving curved lines

Hi All First of all I am a beginner in engraving and obviously I
don’t know too much about it. I’ve been trying to make some scroll
designs on my hollow bangles and earrings and I have had good success
laying the design and rock engraving in different sizes and bright
cutting but when it comes to engrave circular lines the engraver get
stuck in the metal and sometimes it slides in straight line causing
an undesirable scratch not taking on account when it has gone
straight to my left hand fingers causing an undesirable bleeding
pinch I have read lots of books of engraving with no avail seems like
they describe it too easy they say the engraver have to be leaned to
make a curved line but it has not worked for me. Some suggestions
will be greatly appreciated Marco

Hi Marco:

What tool are you using Flat Graver or Square?

Are you using an engravers block?

Are you push engraving or using an GraverMax?

How you sharpen your tools can also have a lot to Do with your

You should try going very light at first don’t try doing Deep cuts,
make your cuts short making half moon cuts. If you have some copper
laying around its great for Practicing, starting on bangles I don’t
think is a great Idea use flat stock till you get the feel for your

You may want to take some classes GRS has them a couple times a
year, I’ve never taken them but it’s my understanding they are great
You can call them at 1-800-835-3519 or go to www.grstools.com You can
get video tapes ET…

I also have a page on my site go to art of hand engraving page What I
show is step by step how Hand Engraving is done, it may Help you a
little the item I’m engraving is a Tiffany heart with An interlocking
shaded monogram, the site is www.handengrave.com .

If you really would like someone to take with give me a call At
973-635-6500 I’ll be more then happy to help you out, I’ve Been Hand
Engraving 18 years for the trade

Hope I was a little help

Ron Proulx

    I've been trying to make some scroll designs on my hollow
bangles and earrings and I have had good success 

I will start with a first of all, also, I am not a good engraver but
my father was an expert engraver and I watched him many an hour.
What I did learn was engraving is an art in its self and takes many
years to master. I am not going to say it is impossible to make nice
curved lines without an engraving block but it is almost impossible
to make nice curved lines without an engraving block. Most of the
curve is made by moving the block and graver at the same time. Also
if the graver is not ground to the right angle and very sharp, you
will not get a good curve. My mistake still, is to try to cut too
deep ( i think from years of flat setting and bright cutting),
decorative engraving is not very deep. Also a lot of engraving uses
multiple cuts from different gravers to achieve the desired effect
one wants. Spend a lot of time sharpening your gravers, get some
brass or copper sheet and practice, practice, practice. My father
was an apprentice for 2 years before he was allowed to even touch

PS get a good supply of Band-Aids the finger jabs never go away.
Bill Wismar www.wismargallery.com

Two suggestions, first a pitch plate the will hold your work, and
make life easy… get a gravermaster… Ringman

Try communities.MSN.com/handengravers list for engraving