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Engravers who'll engrave stone

Hi all!

I’m starting a new project and am looking for someone who can engrave
initials into flat stones that I can then bezel set. I’m interested in
carving into onyx, tiger’s eye, and chalcedony. Does anyone have any
recommendations on whom I could reach out to about doing something like

Here are some reference pics:

Any ideas would be much appreciated, thank you!

Am also interested! Looking for someone who does this…

When we say engraved gems we actually are grinding stone, not carving like metal. Very different medium. You would be looking for a lapidary specialist that carves gems like hard stone cameos. Not many of them out there, but they do exist. Idar Oberstein in Germany is home to some of the very best!

You might get in touch with Heraldis in Idar-Oberstein. Their specialty is heraldic engraving on stone, so initials are certainly within their competency.

When I get my 3-axis mill back up and running I’ll have to give this a try,

You could contact Steve Page, The Front Room Ltd, Chestnut Avenue, Baltimore. 410-303-4558. See him and his store on Facebook.


Thanks for the recommendations, and the clarification on what, exactly, I’m
looking for!