Engraver tool advice for stone setting

Hello, I am a student and have just started to learn bead setting, which is something I’ve wanted to learn for a long time, but I’m confused about how to achieve certain looks and styles with engravers.

I’m curious as to what engravers ( specifically sizes and shapes) people like to use to make those beautiful star bead settings that I see on the GRS training
instagram posts and on some other Instagram posts I’ve seen.

I’m not ready to buy a machine as I’m just starting out, and they are very costly, AND do I really need a machine for these kinds of settings or can I do it by hand?

So, in short what sizes and shapes of engravers do people use to cut those star shapes and make the beads?

And is there a benefit to using the machine rather than doing it by hand?

Thank you so much for your help!

(I wanted to add a photo of the settings I like but I don’t know how :expressionless::disappointed:)

Take a look here https://gerrysdiamondsettingessays.blogspot.com/

Hi Ramaro & Mike Maples

Thanks for the link!..:>)

I avoided bragging about my blog, but there are so many topics on gravers that you should read. Let me just state, that I only use three gravers, Onglette #1, Onglette #2 and a Flat graver #40..nothing else!

I also have an essay (in the making) that deals with “How to Grind a Graver”. With this information that is going into this blog, many of your questions will be answered in a short time! Meanwhile look around this blog and see what’s going on, this is for everyone to do!

Ramaro could you please send me your email address “gerrylewy18@gmail.com” as I need to put your name on my to ‘do to now’ list.

regards to both of you…and everyone!