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Engraved hallmark/logo?

Hey folks, I have a question that’s haunted me for awhile…

What process or tool is being used to get a hallmark on the inside of a ring (or any piece) that is so fine and precise like this one:

I have been using stamps and I want something better.

Anybody know? (And does this kind of marking exist as a service in the USA?)

Thank you!

This kind of finish is achievable using laser marking machines. It is readily available in our city in India. You can figure out some one in your locality.

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Tha Laser Booth in New York City will do a logo/hallmark for you.
44 West 47th Street Suite 3
New York NY 10036
United States
(212) 382-2299

You might be able to ship them your piece but I am not sure.

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Awesome! Thank you.